Thursday, February 1, 2018

MOG is Uplifting

Making light work lighter   

Although the Torqeedo Cuise 2.0 is very light weight at only 36 pounds, we have attached it to a motor mount jack plate of nearly 20 additional pounds. The plate easily slides into and out of the jack plate receiver bolted to the transom, making it possible to remove the motors when leaving the boat for a long period or to change a propeller while in deep water. 

A small permanent strap will be added instead of a lasso around the motor's top.
The lift strap must be made in such a way as not to cover the GPS antenna
 inside the the black plastic motor head cover

The idea of performing the task (with or without the heavy jack plate) can easily become precarious if the wind and water gets rough. I have placed and removed the motor with and without the jack plate, alone, with just my bare hands. It is easy enough but should there be a departure from calm conditions, I want a much more controllable rig. 

A single sheave pulley is used for the lift or a double sheave pulley can be used.

With some 2 by 2" wood, cardboard and tape, a prototype was cobbled together to fit onto the existing jack plate assemblies (typically used for 300 hp outboards of about 600 pounds). With some diligent effort, the design emerged into 2 by 2" square aluminum tubing, pulley set, attach/detach plate all to be TIG welded together. 

Torqeedo was very smart in providing the outboard with a reinforced rubber skeg.
The skeg allows one to rest the motor on the transom before lowering it to the cockpit floor.

The result is a lightweight, storable, easily deployed, simply used and quick operating lift for electric outboards of about 100 pounds. The current Torqeedo motors are about 36 pounds and with the jack plate attached, is about 56 pounds. The new lift is a most desirable addition to the onboard tackle and can serve a few other services to boot.

At this point the lift line would be unsnapped from the lift motor lift strap, to
stow the outboard inside the cabin.

Lift removed from center mount and attached to the port motor jack plate receiver.

Then the lift is removed again, simply snapping onto the starboard jack plate receiver.

Inside cockpit view.

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