Sunday, December 31, 2017

Practice, practice

Some additional brief outing video

The weather in Wilmington, North Carolina has become quite a bit colder as the last few days of 2017 turn to 2018. With the sun very low in the late afternoon winter haze sky,  Hillary pilots the boat on the Cape Fear River. 

While she drives, I assess the amount of power generated on the roof to replenish the battery banks used by the electric motors. We will be performing this same task many times during a wide variety of weather conditions at different times of the year. The worst time of year is winter. 

Hillary at the helm on the Cape Fear River, getting the feel
of the difference between a Grand Banks 42 and the MOG 40.

The cold actually helps the collection on a sunny day due to cooler photovoltaic (PV) modules  and more clear air without humidity. Problems arise from a shorter winter day time and the sun being low on the horizon, thus not directly shining on the PV modules. The result is very poor collection of available energy. The reasons for the tests are to gather experience in handling reduced collection while dealing with water flows , wind and traffic. 

Marine Off Grid, elegant & quiet travel in deep or shallow waters.

We will endeavor to keep you up to date as our schedules and weather permit. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and do have a prosperous New Year.

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