Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MOG- Afloat and looking very ship-shape. Please review the video of the MOG on a shakedown cruise on the Cape Fear River. Please note the maneuverability with the twin solar powered electric motors controlled via joy stick (more on this later).
Join us at http://youtu.be/raDYlWV1eBc for a first look.

Monday, January 23, 2012

MOG- Moving deliberately- Truer words were never spoken

Visit www.mogcanalboat.com for more details about the MOG Canal Boat.

 The maiden voyage of The MOG has been re-scheduled. The here-to-fore unimagined nooks and crannies all have to be looked into and tweaked before any prototype leaves the shore (as it were). A solar powered prototype marine vessel provides lots of unanticipated adventures all of which have to be addressed.
Now to the character-building component- "Rushing" is the opposite of what the MOG lifestyle is about. "Deliberate" and "thorough" define the MOG vessel and lifestyle. When the MOG is ready to sail, it will be aptly named.
There is no victory sweeter than one that is hard-earned. It is going to be one sweet victory when MOG is off and away.
Meanwhile we continue to develop the MOG Navy brand. The MOG LOG will be unique and consistent with the MOG lifestyle.
Stay tuned.