Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MOGna Carta

The Magna Carta (Grand Charter) is one of the cornerstones of human freedom. While we in MOG Navy do not profess to offer a doctrine that is quite as impressive, we do offer a lifestyle that is revolutionary.
The MOGna Carta is a "Grand Charter" that incorporates MOG (To move on, depart, or decamp. To move along gently, deliberately, and steadily.) with "na" (nautical alternative); and lastly, Carta- which retains its original meaning of  "Charter". In essence, The MOGna Carta is a Charter to move deliberately and steadily utilizing a "nautical alternative" vessel.
There is also an element of freedom:
The MOG is solar powered and is self-sustaining.
The MOG allows assess to areas that are virtually inaccessable via any other vessel.
The MOG provides "creature comforts" without compromising the surrounding environment.
All in all- pretty revolutionary!

Monday, March 28, 2011

MOG- The vessel!

MOG Navy is a state of mind with a state-of-the-art, solar powered 40ft motor yacht as its flagship. Travel with us on the maiden voyage of a ship designed and built with a unique attitude and purpose. It is most certainly eco-friendly, but the experience is much more.
The MOG allows for cruising in estuaries, canals, and places that no "well-appointed" 40 foot vessel could never have negotiated before. The "shallow draft" design is not often seen in boats of this size and with these accommodations.
MOG provides a solar energy source for the propulsion system as well as the electrical requirements for the "creation comforts" for an extended voyage.
Stay with us. The MOG will open nautical avenues, that are yet to be discovered.