Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Holding Pattern

Priced now at $650k
A collage of dining area, bedroom's city view, river traffic, one of the two waterfront covered balconies and
a look at the eighth floor balcony from the pedestrian perspective. Yes that is the USS NC across the river.

The continuing saga of remaining in the slip

This was to be the summer of making short to medium trips around North Carolina while adding miles to the Great Loop. The one hangup left has nothing to do with the boat, instead it is with the land base known as our condo on the Wilmington, NC waterfront. It is still for sale and we intend to sit tight here in Wilmington during the sales process.

Eight story 7 mile water view

Built to be incomparable, it has remained true to the word. There will be no actual comps (comparable condos) for another nearly two years. Next door to our condo are the diggings for River Place condos that should be finished in 2020. They had a number of fits and starts but are now sinking support piles deep into the ground.

The main difference is that our two bedroom, two bath 1,200 SF condo has both river and city views making it more expensive than the condos that are on their way. With no comps it is more difficult to sell but the reward for the buyer is again, incomparable.

Down sizing for the two years+ of the Great Loop experience is now almost completed, no small task. Neither the wife or I want to be miles away only to get a phone call that some item at the Water Street Center (our condo building) needs attention and personal involvement. Water, sunshine, swimming and food are all I want on my mind, not houses, farms and condos, all except one that are now off our sell list.

In the meanwhile

Half a dozen well vetted potential buyers have come through the unique condo. Not a one has been anything but impressed and generally using the words jaw dropping. The problem is that they too are downsizing. The condo is the right size, two car free parking, in the middle of the city life, etcetera but people have to make decisions to discard stuff, stuff that kids, relatives and friends do not want.
However, people are grinding through for their Great Loop experience or a final 'just the right size' retirement place.

Our listing info

Thirty feet of waterfront, eighth floor, 7 mile view balcony with a 180 degree view of the Cape Fear River.
The entrance balcony on the City side of the condo is just as sweeping.

Other mentions

We have entered the Create the Future Contest using a different point of view. At the insistence of a few boat and land folks, we placed the Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPStm) boat in the competition classification as Sustainable Technologies. Our take is that it is a superb Bug-Out destination, which happens to be a boat. Please take the opportunity to see the entry through the link attached and also the link to become a CR4 Engineering 360 forum member if you want to vote.

Competition entry Bug-Out Boat

CR$ Engineering 360 forum registration