Thursday, November 17, 2011

MOG Navy develops a uniform

Visit for more details about the MOG Canal Boat.

 MOG Navy continues to impress with apparel that sends a message.
Yes, the MOG volunteers move forward with a mission.
Yes, the mission is to fight for a sustainable future through solar power.
Yes, the MOG prototype vessel is a ship that utilizes solar power and a unique design.
Yes, we have a story to tell.
Yes, we have MOG Navy headgear (soon to add the Ridgeway cap), tees and polos, and tote bags among other items that identify you as a "MOG Navy sailor for solar".
MOG Navy apparel is available through Blue Moon Shops in Wilmington, NC and online at
Stay tuned for new locations that carry official MOG Navy gear.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MOG Navy has a wardrobe/uniform/style!

The MOG lifestyle cannot wait for fashion to come to us. We have created MOG Navy apparel that is currently available at Blue Moon Shops in Wilmington, NC and online at
Join The Navy! See the World! Let the World See Your Style!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Commerce is life- Even for the MOG lifestyle

The MOG solar powered motor yacht is experimental and is not a commercial vessel by any stretch. MOG Navy; on the other hand, is enlisting recruits every day. To offer proper attire to our sailors, we are building a line of quality apparel that will identify a member of MOG Navy. The apparel and MOG accessories are in the beginning stages, but the "look" is clean and basic-with a flair. (Very much like the MOG Mother Ship.)
Currently MOG Navy apparel can be found online at
An assortment is available through Nautical Shops which is located in:
Blue Moon Gift Shops
203 Racine Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28403

Saturday, July 2, 2011

We may not be moving, but we are not standing still.

Visit for more details about the MOG Canal Boat.

 The saga of the MOG prototype solar powered motor yacht continues. Current projects, both completed and still in progress follow:

The yacht is doing extremely well. The look of her is no different but the innards are wired and a truly wifely usable interior.
An electrical inspection is due this week by Jim of Bearing Marine Services. This is not required by any insurance or entity. I want to make sure it is ship shape.
All lights (save 2) have been converted to LEDs. Most of the 120 volt AC has been rewired to 24/12 volt DC. Certain AC lines have been rewired to DC.
The entire battery and 24 volt drive system has been upgraded and new resettable circuit breakers, inverters and DC/DC converters have been put into place.

The PVs have been mounted atop the roof with custom clips and elevation bars. After the electrical inspection the PV array will be final wired into the 72 volt DC down wire to the solar controllers. A new Shumacher 24 volt battery charger is due in next week for 'just in case' marina charging should the PV array fail.

The remote control (wireless) throttle and steering system works but has yet to be tested out on the water. I must complete ALL wiring and static system tests before a wet run.
Both electric outboard prototype motors and the auxiliary engine are mounted, as are the controller systems (integrated with the wireless steering/throttle).

Horns, custom 24 volt bus bars, fuses, breakers, battery layout and fitment as well as light/heat blocking curtains have been thought out and added.

Just for a comparison.... when an electrician wires an outlet, the wire is stripped, wrapped around the screws, tightened and covered. On the boat, each wire end is labeled, stripped, crimped with a closed ring terminal, screw removed from the outlet, ring terminal placed on and screw replaced. Furthermore, the screws are not meant to be removed and replaced, as they will sometimes strip their threads upon re-insertion. Replace the entire outlet and start again. Any junctions in a junction box are twisted together and then silver bearing soldered and then wire nuts applied. This is tedious, 96 degree, in the wall or overhead (in the box) work...... no cut the dry wall, yank the box and twist/nut and spackle up.

On a true yacht, no two walls are squared up. Walls are squared up on house boats and RVs and houses..... thus every thing is custom to its immediate region. Every curve in the yacht increases the structural rigidity as well as bearing of torsional loads imparted from wind, water and power drive.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

MIssion Statement- Done with flair

MOG mission statement:

To move deliberately
Appropriating time, forethought,
Consideration & good character,
Enabling enjoyment & continuation of
The most wholesome environment.


Friday, April 15, 2011

It's all in the attitude

The MOG experience requires a certain mindset, perhaps even a lifestyle re-set when you step aboard. The MOG prototype solar powered motor yacht requires that you look at cruising through a completely new prism. The environmentally neutral (that's a good thing) MOG nautical experience includes working with the wind and currents. Time is measured in days, not in minutes or hours. There is a natural synergy with the ebb and flow of the body of water on which the MOG is cruising.
We are preparing for the maiden voyage. As MOG disembarks and docks in various ports along the way, there will be new recruits for MOG Navy. Another entry on MOG Navy recruits to follow.
A word about the maiden voyage:
"Prototype" means something pretty important whether flying experimental aircraft or piloting any vessel on which the systems have not been "real-world" tested. "Real World" in this instance include weather, running the motors for extended periods under load, navigating using solar power, and the unknown. "The unknown."- Now there is an interesting component.
The adventure is about to begin.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MOGna Carta

The Magna Carta (Grand Charter) is one of the cornerstones of human freedom. While we in MOG Navy do not profess to offer a doctrine that is quite as impressive, we do offer a lifestyle that is revolutionary.
The MOGna Carta is a "Grand Charter" that incorporates MOG (To move on, depart, or decamp. To move along gently, deliberately, and steadily.) with "na" (nautical alternative); and lastly, Carta- which retains its original meaning of  "Charter". In essence, The MOGna Carta is a Charter to move deliberately and steadily utilizing a "nautical alternative" vessel.
There is also an element of freedom:
The MOG is solar powered and is self-sustaining.
The MOG allows assess to areas that are virtually inaccessable via any other vessel.
The MOG provides "creature comforts" without compromising the surrounding environment.
All in all- pretty revolutionary!

Monday, March 28, 2011

MOG- The vessel!

MOG Navy is a state of mind with a state-of-the-art, solar powered 40ft motor yacht as its flagship. Travel with us on the maiden voyage of a ship designed and built with a unique attitude and purpose. It is most certainly eco-friendly, but the experience is much more.
The MOG allows for cruising in estuaries, canals, and places that no "well-appointed" 40 foot vessel could never have negotiated before. The "shallow draft" design is not often seen in boats of this size and with these accommodations.
MOG provides a solar energy source for the propulsion system as well as the electrical requirements for the "creation comforts" for an extended voyage.
Stay with us. The MOG will open nautical avenues, that are yet to be discovered.