Friday, April 15, 2011

It's all in the attitude

The MOG experience requires a certain mindset, perhaps even a lifestyle re-set when you step aboard. The MOG prototype solar powered motor yacht requires that you look at cruising through a completely new prism. The environmentally neutral (that's a good thing) MOG nautical experience includes working with the wind and currents. Time is measured in days, not in minutes or hours. There is a natural synergy with the ebb and flow of the body of water on which the MOG is cruising.
We are preparing for the maiden voyage. As MOG disembarks and docks in various ports along the way, there will be new recruits for MOG Navy. Another entry on MOG Navy recruits to follow.
A word about the maiden voyage:
"Prototype" means something pretty important whether flying experimental aircraft or piloting any vessel on which the systems have not been "real-world" tested. "Real World" in this instance include weather, running the motors for extended periods under load, navigating using solar power, and the unknown. "The unknown."- Now there is an interesting component.
The adventure is about to begin.

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