Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MOGna Carta

The Magna Carta (Grand Charter) is one of the cornerstones of human freedom. While we in MOG Navy do not profess to offer a doctrine that is quite as impressive, we do offer a lifestyle that is revolutionary.
The MOGna Carta is a "Grand Charter" that incorporates MOG (To move on, depart, or decamp. To move along gently, deliberately, and steadily.) with "na" (nautical alternative); and lastly, Carta- which retains its original meaning of  "Charter". In essence, The MOGna Carta is a Charter to move deliberately and steadily utilizing a "nautical alternative" vessel.
There is also an element of freedom:
The MOG is solar powered and is self-sustaining.
The MOG allows assess to areas that are virtually inaccessable via any other vessel.
The MOG provides "creature comforts" without compromising the surrounding environment.
All in all- pretty revolutionary!

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