Sunday, April 20, 2014

MOG Navy deploys a landing party at Kona, Hawaii!

Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean are introduced to MOG Navy style.
As you see from the smile and the MOG Navy uniform we have landed at Kona, Hawaii to much fanfare and celebration. The MOG Navy embroidered T-Shirt and an obligatory measure of grog (a fine red wine in this case) herald growing recognition of the MOG phenomenon. The MOG Midshipman shown is Bill Proctor, a supporter of the MOG and its innovative approach to the nautical lifestyle. 
The prototype MOG Solar Powered Yacht is currently being provisioned in Wilmington, NC to begin the Great Loop. As preparations to launch continue, the MOG Navy logo is seen in more and more fascinating locales.
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More information on the MOG is available at

The landscape below is being considered as a location for the MOG Navy West Coast Division Headquarters, he said tongue-in-cheek.
Would it not be a lovely location for our Hawaii office???

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