Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MOG- innovative ideas for all vessels

Innovative ideas for "new", "used", and "build it from scratch" boats.
Questions that interest (or plague) all boaters include... fuel costs? 
draft? air draft? head? full shower? 
Our boat, the 40' MOG Canal Boat, has been a work in progress for nearly 
a quarter century from conception. The MOG is a solar electric yacht with 
an unlimited range and near zero cost of fuel (it does have an 
auxiliary gas outboard engine). There are many ideas that can be applied 
on a used or new boat, as well as for a new build. 
You may want to tour the boat on the site    
and visit the blog
George McNeir III,   on AGEMAC II,  Cape Fear Marina, Wilmington, NC

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