Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Totally Electric Powered Solar MOG Canal Boat was re-launched March 30, 2016.

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) maybe someday?
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MOG is not so myopic as to rule out all ICEs. In fact there is substantial vested interest in a little known company in New Jersey that is scaling the cliffs of engine technology that should carry the combustion engine over into the era of powerful batteries and electric motor drives which is probably decades away.

Electric motors in vehicles of all types are at the mercy of battery technology and until the day of the 250 pound 400 mile battery, ICEs are still the best alternative. The company in NJ, Coates International, Ltd seeks to make engines be more efficient, simpler, less costly, more powerful, lighter weight and also more clean.

Magic? Nope. Just really good engineering and a little bit of rocket science technology. For the motor-heads out there it is quite simple, throw the poppet valves away with their attendant thousand parts and replace with a dozen parts utilizing a rotary valve, shown above (not to be confused with a rotary intake).

You know by now that MOG is fully committed to the TEPS (Totally Electric Powered Solar) boat but if you have an interest in what is coming down the pike, you can get the whole info by seeing their site    So why are we interested? Because there may be a need for an auxiliary ICE engine for the MOG and if it has to be done for some reason, it should be done correctly.

Here are some pictures of the inventor and President of Coates Int'l supervising a real tough technological challenge, that of preparing a Cummins natural gas generator engine for use with the dirtiest fuel and to make it run clean. The dirty natural gas is direct from well-head gas in an oilfield. The gas is so dirty it is usually burnt off and if used in a generator will foul the engine in just weeks of use. Coates has a fix that works, not only for dirty gas but the clean gas too, as well as for diesels and gasoline engines. Click the picture to enlarge.
George Coates with Cummins donor engine 
before replacement of entire upper valve 
system by the CSRV system.

Entire top consisting of just under 1000 parts is to be 
replaced by about 20. The oil sump pan has been 
dropped down to replace the flat pistons with
 new dome pistons.

New large front valve/chain casting replaces the 
casting in picture on right (has numbers hand 
written around a circular bearing boss).

New water intake casting to water pump 
shown next to large vertical filter to the back 
side of alternator. Bottom half of the CSRV heads 
shown in place without their top covers 
& valves. Smaller picture at left shows
 no such casting on original engine.

New domed high compression pistons (center photo)
 that replace the flat pistons on the left. Domed 
pistons in the Cummins block showing the 
previously used oil galleys to the old valves, 
now blocked with plugs. No oil is used at all in
 the new CSRV head, thus the oil never gets dirty
 with burnt carbon, requiring few oil changes
 over the engine’s extended life span.

George Coates supervising the lowering of the second 
of three heads for the 6 cylinder, spark ignited, natural 
gas Coates Spherical Rotary Valve system on a Cummins engine.

Click on pictures below to enlarge.

Comparison before & after size using CRSV

 In the near future both ICE and Electric propulsion will coexist and it is in the best practice to know as many of the suitable technologies as possible. At MOG the best way to stay on top of the best technologies is to be actively involved, Coates certainly has earned our attention. I look forward to the day that George and his son Gregory have their engine valve train on every ICE to make way for the cleanest power to emerge.

Please let us know if you liked this brief diversion and would like to have a few more installments of the progress. You can 'like' us and your comments would be most welcome.


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