Saturday, October 3, 2015


A toast to the voters on the front deck of the MOG  ALGEMAC II

The MOG Totally solar electric powered boat, in the general Create the Future Contest voting (now closed),  faired extremely well;

4th  out of the 169  Sustainable Technology category entries. This places Mog in the top 2%.

42nd  out of  897 (all 7 technology categories) entries. This places Mog within the top 5%


The popular votes are only a portion of the Create The Future Contest. It is now up to a fairly large panel of judges (minimum of 24) to ascertain the usefulness, marketability and validity of the proposed projects. There is quite a bit of variability in the entrant's level of completion....

The top entrant for the Sustainable Technologies is an idea with no patent. No actual demonstration or prototype.

2nd (an idea with patent-pending), 3rd (an existing patented product) and 4th (the actual prototype Mog totally solar electric powered boat with a design patent).

Entry at bottom of page…….     

First 4 entries of Sustainable Technologies are….

#5       Cybernated Farm Systems

#12      High Voltage Piezoelectric Power Plant

#31      ECHY: Solar Lighting With Fibre Optics

#42      TOTALLY Solar Electric Powered Hospital Boat

Your vote has gotten the Mog much, much further than our entry a few years ago. GOOD WORK!!!.

Now the wait to see if the votes in this category get medals or mention.

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