Monday, April 13, 2015


Obviously not at the NCPEV street booth, the totally solar electric MOG was in her Wilmington, NC slip.


No, it is not a new rock group but the folks from Advanced Energy, NCPEV definitely rocked the Wilmington Azalea Festival in the middle of Front and Chestnut Streets. From Raleigh, NC came the team that showed where the future for personal Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) is headed and just how all of the folks in NC are going to get there.

On display were child and adult oriented displays that keyed in on the transportation interests of the festival goers. A Nissan Leaf, Tesla S, Schneider solar controller, nifty handouts and a mini electric car race track, pulled walkers to a standstill. Once people's attention was happily engaged, the basics of personal electric transportation were discussed, while onlookers got some actual hands-on with the cars and mock 'fueling' operation.

The team was not only knowledgable but most affable, being appreciated by the many visitors to the booth.

Katie Drye of NCPEV shows the way to the electric future.

The booth was run continuously by the group from Advanced Energy, from just before 10am until a bit after 6pm, each of the two days. It was obvious that the group had picked a great venue and site. Even better, the weather was absolutely perfect. Frankly, the small amount of rain just prior to the 10am opening, washed a lot of pine pollen away, giving just the right glimmer in the morning sun.

A representative from Capital Ford (Nissan Leaf shown) stands with Ward of NCPEV at right, while prospective electric vehicle users examine the front motor compartment and try the recharge plug.

Matthew of NCPEV (at center in blue shirt) talks with the crowd of interested Azalea Festival attendees about the finer points of the well designed Tesla Model S car.

Our thanks to the folks at Advanced Energy/NCPEV for taking the time to show how electric transportation is having a positive impact on the lives of all North Carolinians and we look forward to seeing you again soon in Wilmington, NC.

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