Friday, January 16, 2015



The inventor/designer of the MOG, George McNeir, whose unstoppably inventive mind continues to generate new ideas, was prompted by yet another request to quote the build of a MOG and pondered the requested requirements of the potential customer. His deliberation concluded that a prospective pilot of a MOG needs to have at least a year or two of power boating under his or her hat. Prior experience is required to communicate clearly the terms and conditions for which the boat is intended. The MOG is custom to anyone who so chooses to have one built to satisfy basic cruising needs, using only solar electric power. Knowledge begets knowledge.

An upcoming article will lay down the background, research, history, benchmarks, accomplishments, trials, failures, technology and future improvements. A time line far greater than one lifetime, will pin down the literal genetic spark upon which the current endeavor,  MOG ALGEMAC II was, until lately, unknowingly based on the ALGEMAC  I .  A truly amazing set of events, nearly 90 years in the making, spanning three generations. We will present a series of articles I hope you will enjoy as much as we enjoy writing them in   and the site

A few pictures might cast the derivation in an emerging light. The elegant 1924 McNeir designed, custom built ALGEMAC I and the 30 and 40 foot (extended 30 foot) totally solar electric ALGEMAC II.

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