Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why Outboards?

60 HP internal combustion engine on the left...10 HP electric on the right (one of two) on the MOG.

Why outboards? Several visitors to the MOG have asked that question.

ANSWER: For now, during testing, they allow easy access to the small (14 pounds or 6.3 kg) but powerful electric motors.

Actually, a future design of an inboard arrangement is preferred to the current use of outboards. More on that later.

Previously the electric motors were under the sole of the boat, accessed through hatches. This meant opening hatches and having a hole in the floor where I was also trying to walk.

The inboards were aligned and secured to the boat’s framework and to straight propeller shafts, down and out through the bottom of the hull, complicating quick tech upgrades and shaft service when needed.

The outboards are light and easy to remove as a whole unit or lift the top motor cover and look inside (my preferred method as pictured).

This winter I will be tackling the inboard versus outboard debate and feel there are some great solutions that will allow us to have the best of both worlds. As usual, technology plays an important part.

So if you like outboards, enjoy the view for now…. as it is with the MOG…..  
things will definitely change.

Pictured is the 60 hp internal combustion engine (much more power than needed) and one of the two 10 hp electric motors with the top removed. The boat's electric motors propel the boat at her required top hull speed of seven knots, quietly and without costly fossil fuel.

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