Friday, January 24, 2014

MOG Solar Powered Yacht- Tell me more!

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We are pleased to respond to any and all questions the MOG. There is much to cover because there is much that is unique. We will start with a question and a follow up that are especially relevant as the thermometer dips into the 20's and the teens. 

Frigid weather is death to batteries. Does this cold weather significantly deplete the charge on the MOG's batteries or do the boat's solar panels keep them charged?

The sun keeps the batteries charged. 

If traveling and using the batteries to drive the boat, fewer miles would be traveled in winter because of the low angle of the Sun, thus lowering the total daily amount of energy collected by 30%.
They are under constant watch by the solar electric controller, limiting the amount and duration of charge to the battery banks. During winter, the sun is lower to the horizon and the sun is also closer to Earth. By monitoring the charge state of the batteries the amount of voltage is varied throughout the day to keep the battery chemistry in perfect balance.

Because the boat just sits in the slip, nearly all the sunlight is unused. However, I could set a cheap plug in appliance timer for a few hours per day, turn on the 110 volt AC power and run a 1500 watt heater/fan but that is inviting an unattended appliance disaster. I have enough Murphy going on without texting an invitation to the unwanted.

 MOG Battery Box
Follow up to first question...
The sun keeps the batteries charged in winter, but what about comfort for the captain and crew in winter and year-round?
Winter- The image below shows the interior of the MOG. The thermometer on the rail indicates a nice 71 degrees, while the outside temperature was 30 or below all day. While onboard, I used the 110 volt electric heater set to low (only 410 watts). A large part of the warmth came from the solar electric yachts huge windows (bright sun reflected on the wall on the right of image) with the insulating curtains rolled up.
Spring, summer, and fall- A combination of hinged windows that capture any available breezes and an air-conditioning unit powered through the MOG's batteries. More on "spring, summer, fall" as the season's change.

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