Sunday, December 29, 2013

Docking the MOG solar powered motor yacht

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December 21, 2013 was a definitely warm 75 in Wilmington, NC. The day was also a bit threatening with a decent tide flow and winds of about 12 mph, with a sailboat's anchor and pulpit extending six feet into the fairway........  what the heck, I will take the boat out anyway (to the wife's protestations - the camera lady) single handed. So what is the big deal here? I am sure that thousands of boats around the Mog's size go in and out of slips all over the world and do not submit a video to YouTube, as if it were the Apollo 11 Moon landing. However, there are a few similarities to Moon landing. The Mog's motors were locked in place (only in this particular test sequence) and not steerable by tiller or wheel. Only thrust was used to maneuver the boat to port or starboard and also in reverse with no bow thruster. Also similar was the fact that there was no additional help, one pilot, single handed and a not helpful environment. Certainly not in the league of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin's monumental commitment. Not unlike them, I feel vindicated in the trust I have for the plan, the machine and the technology afforded me by the grace of God.

All in all, everything went fine and Hillary did a great job of keeping her balance on the floating docks, anticipating the shots, fighting white knuckles and getting it all on video. The system of differential steering is used very effectively by all boat pilots to assist close quarters operations in conjunction with the wheel at the helm. Some pilots include the wheels use and some do not. Few have operated a 40 foot yacht with only two 10 hp electric motors in a wind and close tidal fairway. The test was most pleasant, gratifying and clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the powerful little electric motors in a critical situation.

If there are those that view this video who have piloting skills (any would be far beyond mine) please feel free to comment on what you have seen. I will offer no excuses, I want to learn more through your unbiased observations. Thank you,
George McNeir

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