Monday, July 22, 2013

MOG Solar Battery System Update

Visit for more details about the MOG Canal Boat.
Images of the MOG's new battery configuration as described in our last post. These images give a much clearer picture of the new, more efficient coupling of the batteries used for MOG's solar power.
Please refer to last post for details.

1- One partition removed to show comparison of the old parallel 'inline' group and a single battery turned 90 degree to optimize mass and space. 
2-The new 'wireless' clamp method eases change-outs and facilitates obstruction free watering. With a thin plastic blade, battery handles are removed in moments, stored for later reuse.
3-A test placement of the negative and positive bus bars linking 5 sets of the 24 volt DC packs required no tools and about one minute start to finish. Faster than one standard nut/cable clamp.

Old Parallel "Inline" Group

Wireless Bus Bar Close-up

Bus Bars


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