Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Soon" - A four letter word for destiny

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"Well, have you left yet?"
That question is what keeps me going. Nope, not yet, is the answer and the word 'soon' is getting really tattered around the edges. Stuff happens in life and plans get delayed. However, the way the boat, medical, electro-mechanical and weather seem to be looking, I will go back to beating up on the word 'soon'. Hillary (wife) and I have gotten our medical clearance and the boat is having real pictures by a real photographer tomorrow, April 18. I will follow this short update with captioned pictures of the ALGEMAC II (a/k/a MOG) in the water at the Bennett Brothers Yacht yard here in Wilmington, NC. It is one thing to embark on a long journey with a boat developed and manufactured by a boat building corporation that functions with systems of sail and petrol engines. There is quite another journey just to design, develop and build a boat that is powered solely by solar electric energy (petrol outboard auxiliary excepted). The difference seems miniscule, one being petrol and one being electric. Gee, what is the big deal here? The big deal (for some readers) is revealed when one sends this blog to an acquaintance who has made several one month or more excursions on their personal yacht (38 feet or larger). The usual reply is "no way". That should give a clue that this endeavor is not simple or a no brainer. A very large solar electric yacht over 100 feet long has made a world trip and also cost far in excess or ten million dollars. The MOG is aimed at the boater who is looking forward to retirement and plying the waters, estuaries and inside passages of the Intracoastal Waterways of America. The eastern and mid nation areas of the Great Loop are capable of enlargement of the watery highway by three to four times, using the shallow draft of the MOG Solar Electric boat. The usual route of the Great Loop is about 6,000 miles. If one considers that the MOG is able to navigate 24 inches of water, then there are myriad rivers and streams that are opened to view which formerly were the province of canoes and kayaks. I look forward to some pictures 'soon' and starting the Loop a bit later 'soon'. Thank you all for your patience.
Stay tuned...

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