Sunday, December 16, 2012


We are refining our image/brand. No more moving slowly until we are ready for "Prime Time". We are there! See the video of the MOG being put through it's paces on the ajoining post..
LARGEST RC SOLAR ELECTRIC BOAT !!!! An RC (remote control) steered and throttled, 40 foot, solar electric, twin electric motor yacht that can sleep two or four people. A 60 hp outboard auxiliary is used only for emergency. The twin electric motors can be inboards or outboards (as in this video). A standard remote control box is used onboard and may be used off the boat, nearly 1/4 mile away. The captain is not so brave yet. A new video of remote control of the boat, being steered and throttled while off the boat is being made, as courage and liability insurance permits. Join us on the web at....... (whatever else you like... proud sponsor? co-conspirator?, laughing bystander?)


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  4. That is so cool that you can make an RC boat run on solar. Would that be powerful enough to run a brushless motor like one of these boats?
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