Saturday, August 25, 2012

Medical Fitness Report

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Followers of the MOG,

Thank you for the emails and kind thoughts during my physical therapy. I had x-rays made for numbness in my right leg which led to a diagnosis that required 8 weeks of spinal decompression therapy. The therapy was gentle and relaxing. The therapy also worked very well and I can now balance on my right leg as well as I had a year ago. There had been a slow decrease of balance until it became unavoidably obvious.

I now have methods and exercises to keep my regained ability.   It is now too late to make it to Duluth MN before September of 2012 from Wilmington, NC. Duluth was a timing point for continuing the Great Loop or having to put the boat under cover for the winter (not preferable). We are now going to use this period of time to make shorter local excursions and further sea trials to test the boat. I will endeavor to keep things up to date as progress is made toward a rescheduled departure for the Great Loop in March of 2013.

One problem that I am glad I found during this 'down time' was that the clean water tanks and water pump had to be completely sanitized, not a simple operation. The process was made even more difficult with temperatures in the high 90's and low 100 degree mark. The AC was running on board the boat by solar electricity. However, because of the doors being open for hoses and equipment....... it was hot and humid work. After two weeks of steam cleaning, bromine, chlorine and fresh water flushes galore, the tanks passed stringent municipal water tests. The water tests were my personal option after each and every treatment and flush out. Water was placed in the tanks for at least three days before a draw down was made for testing at a certified laboratory.
A total of five tests at $60 each was made until a total zero was obtained. The tanks were visually inspected each time and are to say the least 'immaculate'. They are 22 years old and test out as new.

Among other things the head (Sunmar composting commode) was brought on line (after the water tanks were finished and covered). The preparation of the commode is not offensive but has a unique method to be activated properly. Follow the excellent instructions and it works very well indeed. A full survey for the Solar Yacht was commissioned for a new insurance certificate and was passed 'in very good condition' for the marine insurance underwrite. Additional LED lights have been installed for the upgrade and tests of 24 volt DC outboard motors and the steering gear were completed.

A new inflatable 9 foot dingy of just 35 pounds has now replaced the most serviceable PortaBote. The 10'  PortaBote was great but was 30 pounds more than the dink and is now for sale. If you are under 67 years of age, you should have no trouble handling it. I will probably put it on eBay for $800......  a steal that someone can really use.

Once again thanks to all the well wishers and those that attended the 'Open Boat Party' May 19th.  George McNeir

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